Effective way of learning Norwegian pronunciation – Minimal pairs

08 November 2020 | 12 minutes


Minimal pairs: https://rhinospike.com/audio_requests/AnaSrsh/37773/

Anki: https://apps.ankiweb.net/

Fluent forever decks on Anki: https://blog.fluent-forever.com/gallery/

Forvo for native pronunciation: https://forvo.com/

Dictionary with IPA : https://naob.no/

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  1. For those trying to download the file from the website: it doesn’t work anymore, but there’s a deck available on the shared decks list in Anki.

    When in Anki app: click on the button “get shared” and search for “Minimal pairs norwegian”. You should be able to download that deck and open it in Anki (eg: via import).

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