3 Uniquely Norwegian Words

In this video we will look at three words that are uniquely Norwegian. This does not necessarily mean that these concepts and words don’t exist in other language. However, there words are unique in the way they are linked to Norwegian culture and language history. To get some insight into Norwegian culture, I thought it would be interesting to talk more about them.

Norwegian Listening Practice for Beginners (2) – Exam

This is a listening practice for beginners of Norwegian (A1 to A2). To ease comprehension, I will add some pictures to accompany the audio. Before we start, I want to give you a short summary of the content and go through some key words. You may drop this first part, but I will recommend you to watch the whole thing as it will greatly ease comprehension. And you can find the transcript for the episode on the website for the channel.

Norwegian listening practice for beginners: Norsk

I will talk about the Norwegian language, how many speaks it, and to which languages it is related (Danish, Swedish and other north-Germanic languages). Following this brief overview, I will talk about dialects in Norway and why we have so many of them, mainly due to natural barriers such as mountains and fjords, and the fact that the country is sparsely populated. There are roughly four main dialects in Norway: Western, eastern, southern and northern. Norwegians will speak their dialect with each other, but might change to “bokmål” or even English when speaking with foreigners.